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Small Business websites for Sole Traders

We've helped many Sole Traders Successfully Establish Their On-line Business Website

Are you a sole trader or a small business website owner?

Do you have a website for your small business?

If you don't have a website for your small business then you're missing out on a lot of business!

The need to do business online is becoming a fact of life for all businesses. Regardless of the type of business you’re running, having an online presence is essential in a this competitive world of business.

Advantages of an Online Business

Search Engine Optimised Articles

Moving online can readily improve your bottom line and the advantages are many and worth your business investment.

  1. Reduced Costs in establishing your Business.
  2. Time Saved by having your products and services present 24/7.
  3. Improved Productivity.
  4. Better Engagement with your customers.
  5. Customers’ expectations to do business online increases.
  6. Establishes Authority in Your Sector.
  7. Cost effective way to advertise your small business.
  8. Maximise the benefits of the digital economy and getting online is simply a matter of a smart phone
  9. The ability to be seen on all digital devices.
  10. Reach more local customers with cheap social media marketing
  11. You easily measure your online success.

As customers’ expectations to do business online increase, businesses that are not online are at increasing risk of not meeting their customers’ needs.

Is it affordable to have an online website for sole trading businesses?

Absolutely yes! We make sure that your online business website is setup professionally to ensure high satisfaction. All our small business web design packages are affordable and there’s one to match any ones budget. You don’t have to dig too deep into your money pocket to start off your online presence on the world wide web.

I don’t know why, but Sole Traders can be stubborn, take the wrong path and waste so much in business start up costs. Perhaps I should have said waste a lot of money. Don’t do that! Be smart and trust that you’ve landed here because of the need to have your online presence. You’re here because you know that your business can do with your own business website. Your path to a successful business starts with planning and taking action to execute that plan.

Quote from a well known Entrepreneur

In the next few paragraphs is a quote from a well known Entrepreneur who has hit rock bottom in his early years and knows what works in life and in business too. This is what we’d like to share from one of his books in the subject of running a business, any type of business:

Prosperous Purchasing means this: when the product or service is there, and your desire is there, and the money is there, then buy.


When you buy under those circumstances – please not I’m specifically not advising you to go into debt or spend recklessly – you send a psychological message of self-worth to yourself, and you join the abundant flow of the universe.

In short, spending under those conditions will increase your prosperity.

– Joe Vitale

Running a Small Business

We’ve also been there know how it is to run a small business. Our expertise is beyond mere website designing and internet marketing. There is a giant in all those who aim for success. Are you ready to be successful at what you do?

Affordable Business Websites for Your Budget

Sole trader business websites are affordable and can be cheap to setup, with us anyway! You really don’t need to invest all your budget on having your own business site. We are experts in developing websites and webpages that includes on page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to give your site the edge in competing with similar businesses. Our SEO work ensures that your site is content rich to allow it to rank on search engines for specific key topics.

Webpage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine optimised websites are the way of the future for getting a website indexed and ranked on the first page of search engines for specific key phrases. It is also very important that doing so much or incomplete SEO can also backfire if carried out in an abnormal fashion by an inexperience person. Because of our extended knowledge and experience we know what can get a site penalised through SEO, we also know how to use it ethically to maintain a presence on the web for that website.

Small Business Website Pricing

If your local sole trader business is in need of new customers then you’re in luck. We have special pricing packages for sole trader websites. Just let us know what your services are and we do the rest. There is nothing you need to do other than answer inquiries generated from your site.

Our sole trader website design packages include free domain name and free hosting for the first 12 months. We are open to discussion and can work with what would suite your requirements best.

Best time to Go online with your Business is Now

Get in touch with us today to get you established. The earlier you get your site on the web the better it is for your business. Don’t delay having a website just because your business has just started. It is the best time to set these up right now when business is at it’s lowest.

Websites that have aged rank higher in search engines. Websites that include high quality content rank well on search engines. Websites that stand out and are user friendly and informative do well for attracting potential customers to call you through your site.

Important advice to sole traders:

  • The internet is the perfect place for small businesses to establish their business brand and services.
  • Using the internet for advertising is extremely cost-effective because it is so measurable and targeted towards the people you want to reach.
  • Turn your online sole trader business website into a resource that customers can trust and come back to.
  • You’re in the business of serving and in your service they will pay you for your services!

Expert Web Media Designs High Quality Content Rich Websites for Small Businesses.

We are a small business web design company located here in Melbourne. We serve you in designing, developing and establishing your business website on your or our web hosting servers. We build quality and authoritative websites for those who are serious about achieving successful online business.

Call us if you want to succeed in your online business.

If you're avoiding technology then put away the fear factor.

  • Get rid of all FEAR that will poison your opportunities.
  • Put up a confident attitude to your business.
  • In your mind you’re the super hero of your small business services – you’re the person or business to go to for the services you’re offering.
  • Be fearless, confident and have a great work ethic and a solid plan to follow in growing your business.

Would you like us to build you a custom designed and developed, search engine optimised, sole trader website for dirt cheap?

Be a successful online business website in your market sector!

Winning designs and winning content wins!

As you know, a website that attracts customers consistently is the holy grail of online websites. But there’s a problem, two actually.

  1. First, those types of websites are incredibly complex to build and have high investment.
  2. Secondly, you can’t help but wonder… will it really work for your business?

If you’re asking yourself that question right now, it means you’re smart!

We’ll tell you something most web design or internet marketing agencies won’t:

# There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” website design package.
# Here’s why: it’s because your business is unique.

Here's what makes you unique:

tick You have your own unique message.
tick Your own unique market you’re going after.
tick Your own unique price points.
tick Your own unique way of selling.

How do we find more about Your Business?

The Business Review – We discuss your business

Our website planning brief is simple and we plan and research each business in their own unique way. We’ll make sure we understand your services and the products you offer and spend the extra time and effort to understand how your business operates. Only then from this thorough research and understanding will we design and build your business website.
Search Engine Optimisation
Furthermore, we incorporate search engine optimisation from the moment we start designing and building your small business website.
Collecting Data
Our research about your business and your industry will have given us the important research data to build that unique website based on the services and products you offer. Most of our custom designed websites are customer focused and help visitors to make contact with you.
Your Goals

After understanding your business blueprint we’ll work with you to determine your sales goals and what you really want to achieve from your website.

Developing The Big Picture

We believe that once we do this for you, the bigger picture can be implemented as part of the design and web-page optimisation.

And finally the next step is to sign up and commit to the results and have us design and build your sole trader or small business website.

We design and develop sites in many industries and here’s just a few that is listed.

Small Business
Food Industry
Consulting Services
Health & Beauty
Travel & Leisure
Automotive & Driving School
Gardening Services

Get in touch with Expert Web Media.

We’ll get your business to the next level and beyond.