gH Consulting

ghconsulting.comA Consulting Business

This site is built on top of WordPress with a matching theme. The theme is custom and unique to this clients site only.

Our clients with WordPress sites usually have our inbuilt Contact forms.

This website is no longer available but a snapshot can be found on Archive


Best Driving School

bestdrivingschool.comBest Driving School is  Melbourne Client in the Driver Education Sector.

The site used WordPress Technology to showcase the contents.

Trakloc Australia’s first debut was with us.
A site built with straight HTML, CSS & Javascript. Nothing beats the speed of a straight HTML site.

luxuryestate.mysticalwonders.orgA Project we undertook for our client in UK-US. They wanted to showcase a resort in Canada. It was a task of rebuilding an old site that had lots of broken links to repair.

One of our earlier designs made with HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Remote Viewers

Remote Viewing built and designed with a matching graphic and colour scheme to match the niche this company represents.
Build with Html, CSS and Javascript. home

Australian Customer in the financial sector.

Built with straight HTML, CSS and Javascripts.

We have programmed a number of useful applications into the site.

This site was one of our early pioneering designs. The company has closed but we can still access the snapshot.  It is available on the Archive here.


Manifestation Master

Manifestation-MasterManifestation Master designed with a unique appeal using HTML, CSS and Javascript. It is a unique design that caters for the Spiritual Marketing Sector.

Healing Cafe

healing-cafeOne of our investments in the Health Niche.

Designed with a unique theme and is now owned by a new owner.

Guide2health.comAnother one of our in house sites built for investment.

It is health centric and designed on top of WordPress engine.