Adiga Building Services

A site that is direct and tells the message as it is designed and developed for. We have used web technologies such as css, html5, php and back end database along with WordPress to give this site a unique design and ease of use. Everything from Logo, business card, design and Google Adwords setup and including Adiga Google+ and Facebook pages to complement the business.
One of our sites that we’ve designed for our own use.

A unique theme – Design and build on top of the WordPress engine.

This site is all about mindset. It is a place that will inspire and motivate you on your life journey.

Lama Driving School projects for a Driving School Here in Melbourne

Fully Functional Unique Website Designed For The Driving School Niche.

The website is designed and built from the bottom up. A unique theme for the WordPress Engine making it not only a beautiful looking website but also one with user friendly interface and functionality.


Rahma Driving School Driving School For Learner Drivers.

Rahma Driving School operates in Melbourne and we’ve worked with them in developing many strategies to overcome search engine shortfalls.

The site uses the WordPress Technology to serve pages.


Allyanz Electronics is an electronics company based in Melbourne.

We have an ongoing work with Allyanz in maintaining their website.

The site is built with our own scripting engine using PHP and Mysql technologies.

It is custom made and unique to this site.