The Power of WordPress and Why You Should Have Your Website Built On Top of it

Wordpress DesignFor us designers and developers it is one of the best platforms or website engines to build a business website on top of.

The power of WordPress is manifold.

Here are some of the key attributes that make up WordPress such an engine to use on a website.

  • It is has paved the way for a new evolution in website design and development.
  • There is a small learning curve that is involved in creating pages and posts with a WordPress website.
  • Once the first hurdle is made the rest is easier.
  • If you can use word processing software like Microsoft Word then you can create pages and posts just as easily.
  • In the long term you will save money – because there really is not much work to be done with WordPress websites.
  • Adding new posts/pages is easy and editing existing ones are just as easier. You can do 80% of the work yourself after getting the site ready by a professional web designer.
  • It is built with a secure back end. You will need login credentials to login and alter content. It makes it easy to edit the site from anywhere around the world.
  • Security can be increased with added plugins that do a great job at it too.
  • Changes to your site is immediate. You can make an instant change there and than.
  • Your site is consistent throughout and the look and feel of the site is uniform.
  • The menu system can be changed as simple as moving and adding relevant posts and pages to the structure.
  • Do you want to schedule posts or pages for future release? Yyou can do that too, and quite simply.
  • There are 100’s of quality plugins that are free to increase the functionality of the website, much cheaper than traditional website updates.
  • Do you want to add membership to your site? Now with the addition of a premium plugin you can do this just as easily.
  • WordPress is always updated and old bugs are removed consistently to streamline the smooth functioning of the site.
  • Engage users with Audio, Video and Graphics.
  • Traditional websites are hard and costly to change their designs.
  • The theme (the design or the look and feel) of the site can be changed instantly with a new one.
  • Search engines love these types of websites.
  • WordPress sites are SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly from step 1.
  • By getting involved with your sites content – adding new pages and posts becomes a second nature to you. Do it often to expose your site even more to search engines.
  • Search engines love websites that get fresh new content on a regular basis and they love sending you new visitors based on your main key topics on the pages.
  • These types of sites get indexed quite regularly within hours if not minutes.
  • The site can be divided into categories to easily group similar topics or products together. This makes it easy to move around the site.
  • WordPress sites inspires repeat visitors.
  • There is option of having a two way communications with your visitors to your site and you get to control which comments are published. This is the power of social networking in action.
  • WordPress can link with major social sites to get even more exposure and connect with even more users on a daily basis.
  • WordPress sites are a good way to increase brand awareness -> more content published results in the spread of your site via backlinks to articles on your site.
  • Easy to identify what parts of your site is getting more attention. You can concentrate on the parts that are getting attention to generate more sales.
  • Your content is automatically syndicated via RSS feeds that the site creates. It’s a standard that is used throughout the internet to let search engines other sites know what has just been published on the site.
  • WordPress is a universal platform or engine that will be with us for a long time to come. It is big and leading the industry with high usage throughout the web.


Moving your existing site to WordPress is going to take some work but it’s not going to cost a lot in the long term.  If you’re interested in moving your website over to WordPress with a new theme then let me know and I’ll quickly give you an estimate of the costs involved.

Did you know that my website and most of the new sites I build are all sitting on top of WordPress. It allows me to change the theme overnight thus making life a lot more interesting.

How to boost your sites value with backlinks – an intro

Search Engine Optimization and back linking

Offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increasing PR
Increasing Ranking
Back linking to site

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. This article will basically bring to your attention the concept of linking on the internet for a better co-existence with the rest of the world community.

Firstly, what is so cool about back linking? Without these links your site is basically sitting on a web server waiting and waiting and waiting for visitors to come by. You don’t want this to happen to your website! This is the recipe for completely killing a site. It is a recipe for totally keeping your site to itself. What needs to be done? You’ve got it – backlinking!

You see how valuable a back link is? It is so valuable that your business depends on it fully.

But, there is a catch. Not any back linking will do good for your site. The best back links are those that come from a relevant website with authority and high quality content.

The more of these back links your site gets the better you will be that basically tells search engines that the page linked to is relevant with respect to the anchor links.

Big and popular sites have 1000’s of back links that have a cumulative effect in passing value and driving it’s authority and the quality of the page. These are signals to search engines to take notice of this website and perhaps serve it up in turn to their own customers.

To keep this article short it is sufficient to say that one should backlink from similar sites.

Here’s a small selection of activities to generate good quality back linking strategy to achieve an increase in your ranking for your website:

  • Guest Posting
  • Article Marketing
  • Comments
  • Directories
  • Forum Postings
  • Social Posting
  • Social Sharing
  • Bookmarking
  • Your own satellite sites
  • Networks

Chek this page for more information about Effective SEO Back Link Strategy. They have tonne of information on this topic and worth visiting if you’re going to tackle this work on your own.

Domain is up for sale is a premium domain that will be very useful to syndicate World News through RSS.

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) provides a convenient way for you to receive content “feeds” from a variety of sources around the internet.

When you subscribe to an RSS feed, new stories and updates are automatically delivered to you the moment they are published.

Serving and one or more of the following to such a website brings in organic traffic.

  • news
  • business
  • money
  • travel
  • entertainment
  • technology
  • sport
  • lifestyle
  • real-estate

These are just a few of the niches that you can target in your content syndication.

A great product to use to syndicate this content is WP Robot.

News World RSS


Best Driving School Melbourne

Driving School Melbourne

Best Driving School Melbourne is a new addition to our portfolio of websites we’ve designed. The site uses a structure that best suites a driving school.

The task of creating this site for the client was purely left for us to handle, build and bring it alive from what we know of the driving school industry.

We have decided to make this site more user centric and friendly towards internet visitors. The website serves those in the local community of Melbourne, Australia.

The color and the aesthetics of the site is easy on the eyes with a neutral blending of natural whiteness and comfort. Designs like this invites a revisit based on interface comfort level.

Most web pages created by target specific keywords with their respective niche or the market they serve.

This type of website invites one to design pages with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Search engines love sites that present content and structure in a way a web page is presented with attributes allow it to have it indexed correctly. This is one reason why every web page on a site should have corresponding meta-data to allow search engines to gather more information about that web page.

This website is already appearing well on for search terms like best driving school Melbourne.

The site presents a uniform browsing throughout it’s sub-pages. It enables a user to move from page to page with ease and comfort.

Visit for more information about their services. Best Driving School Melbourne a Melbourne based driving School operating from Heidelberg that offers Driving Lessons in Automatic and Manual transmission Cars. Book Your next driving Lesson from Best Driving School Melbourne.

Designing a Website

Website Design

We specialise in website design and development.

Our services are very straight forward. As a professional web designer, we can offer a brand new design of your web site and with new graphics starting from $695.

There are many factors that determine what needs updating on an existing website.

Here are few of those factors:

1. Poor quality design
2. Broken links
3. Email address exposed/missing
4. Slow web servers
5. Meta data inclusion
6. Search engine registration
7. Structure and functionality of a website
8. Web forms
9. Email setup


If you have questions or require additional information regarding our services please feel free to contact us.

We are just happy to work with new-start-up businesses and those who are already established and need a web presence or update to their sites.

Thank you for visiting our site.
Expert Web Media

Business Card Package

Ideally the best package for anyone or business with a limited budget! It would be unwise to host your business on a free hosting like, etc. Those sites are great for complementing your main business sites but are not wise or business centric to display your products or services.