9 Strategies to Help You Get Repeat Internet Traffic

How to get more Internet trafficEnhance Existing Pages

Enhance the pages on your site frequently. Lifeless websites are dismissed by some online search engines. You can also add a date counter onto the web page that one may show the moment that it was last modified.

Offer the visitor to link to you page

Add a backlink ‘Strongly recommend this site to a Close friend’ to make sure that the site visitor have the ability to e-mail your website web link, with a pre-written title, “Thought you might be curious about this stuff”, simply just by click on it.

Offer Discount Coupons

One can easily enable consumers to ‘register ‘ to get discounts as well as special deals. Fix a link on your site to attract customers to ‘register ‘ to obtain a periodic e-newsletter or beneficial promo codes.

Develop Cross linking internal pages

Create a backlink to your key article utilizing a script ‘Book Mark or Add this internet-site to your Faves’.

Link out to your partners

Give a bit more importance on your web site. With respect to members and partners you can absolutely put backlinks to their pages and also services and request them to undertake the same for you. You might equally promote their publications or video clips, if such products or services pertain to your industry and also are certainly not in contest beside your current brand.

Spruce up your pages

Style your site to ensure that visitors always know they are on your web site. Utilize constant shades, logos and also phrases and make sure you offer a ‘Get in touch with Us’ link on each web page.

Create a Policies Page

Create an ‘Our Policies’ article which distinctly details your philosophy and basic principles in managing your customers. Likewise publish your online privacy policy as well to make sure that customers recognize they are protected the instant they check out your webpage.

Avoid Excessive Email

Never spam a prospect, who has actually selected ezines, with unrequested email messages. Later if they choose they intend to ‘quit’ out of the postings, be sure you recognize their demand and take them off the mailing list. They may possibly nevertheless sign up if they are pleased by your products. However they will definitely not come back if you remain to choke their email box with mails they no longer desire to get.

Use Proper Titles for each Page

Ensure that each post on your web site has suitable titles as well as key phrases so that your consumer can find their way back to your internet site if they lose the book mark.

Create a FAQ Page

Put together a FAQ article which attends to a lot of the questions and also explanations regarding your product line or your firm that are likely to be queried. That assists to fix the majority of the consumers problems in their first stopover to your online business.


Are You Starting Your Own Business?

starting a business So you’ve made the decision or planning on starting a business online. If you’ve done any research on the statistics of new business start-ups most end in failure due to poor preparation and planning. Luckily, there are things you can do to guard against wasting time and money and improve your odds at winning this venture.

While every business is unique and comes with its own set of problems and opportunities, there are some basic steps to starting up a new business. Things like “Writing a Business Plan”, “Proving Marketability of the Business”, ”The Capital Needed to Run it”, “Choosing a Legal Structure” and  other important issues to consider.

Starting a Business Online

This is perhaps one of the most important of all the tasks the new business owner needs to take before engaging any business activities. We are all too eager to jump right in to the driver’s seat and do business but that would be a drive that puts a blanket over ones head and becoming blind to the direction you’re taking. Implementing a business plan may seem like a gigantic work for anyone in the industry however, it is one of the most critical steps to properly plan your business and its structure.

A business plan doesn’t have to be long but long enough to consider everything that your business covers. Personally, a good business plan covers a lot of things to get the business on the path of success. But, it also covers other plans just in case the growth becomes a negative and your business plan will tell you what steps you should take if ever you fall into such circumstances.

If you’re pitching to investors or lenders then you aught to take on this task extremely seriously. Money can be lost due to poor plans, even if you’re so confident of your skills and knowledge.

This document is really not about the in-depth steps to the business plan but to summarize. The business plan should include an overview of the business, industry background, the products and/or services you’re offering, the business model, the strategy and your projected staff member count.

Spending your quality time to produce the business plan is vital. The business plan can and does show you what you have not considered through your initial estimations and thoughts. Think of the process as a way to better understand the opportunities and the risks involved in taking on this big step.

Starting your business online or offline with a proper plan may even show you if your business is do-able or not worth the risk. It is your business to do the job right!

(updated Nov 23, 2018)

How to get more customers to your website using organic and/or paid traffic?

The Question is Traffic: organic and/or paid traffic?

organic and or paid traffic
Internet traffic, visitors, internet users are the bloodline of any business website. Without traffic of any kind you’re simply invisible to the world and your business won’t be a business unless you do something about it.

Getting traffic to your site is an industry in itself. As soon as you put up a website there’ll be many businesses who will try to introduce themselves and get your attention about this phenomena. These businesses will be coming to you from close and afar. Isn’t is funny that here you are trying to get traffic and the ones that notice you are the ones who you want last on your list. But, I write to say otherwise. If your business site is new to the internet then you must pay close attention to those people who offer services to get you more traffic.

Internet traffic comes in two forms when we talk about money. In reality there is only one form of traffic since you’re paying for both either in money or time. Anyway, the two forms that you will have noticed on the internet when it comes to talking about traffic is paid traffic and organic traffic.

Organic Traffic

So, what does it mean to get organic traffic to your website? Before we answer that question we need to know what is considered organic traffic. Organic traffic is simply traffic that makes it your way without you having to pay for it. Your sites URL or link is located wherever the traffic is coming from. At some stage your sites link is found on another site and people click that to come to your site. This is great and is perhaps what everybody wants more of.

Thus organic traffic is traffic that has made it’s way from another site or a direct link that one has.

Here’s a list of possible locations where organic traffic could have come from:

  • Search engine listing.
  • A link on another website also known as Referral Traffic.
  • From a Mail-out (an embedded link in an email).
  • Bookmark or Favourite on a browser (someone has made a bookmark in their browsers database).
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Traffic

Organic traffic is all good and has the usual bells and whistles of traffic. This is the ultimate in free traffic. However, organic traffic builds itself through the passage of time. One cannot get instantaneous organic traffic flowing when one puts up a new site.

The sister phrase for organic traffic is “activity outside your website”. In order to build organic traffic to a particular website one must engage on other websites and leave hooks and sign posts of one kind or another. In a way it is like “fishing with line and hook”. The more lines and hooks you have on the web/net the more likely you will bring in organic traffic.

But it doesn’t work as simple as that. Using the wrong type of “line and hook” does not always bring the best of fishes. In other words to attract the right audience you need to leave hooks and bate that is suitable for that audience. For example, if you’re into plumbing and want to attract people who are in need of plumbers that can fix their plumbing problem then it would be insane to go and talk about plumbing on a car mechanics site. No one is going to listen to you about your plumbing mumbo-jumbo.

Ever heard of the phrase “like attracts like”? It holds equally well for organic traffic. To attract people who are in need of a plumber then make sure to get involved in places where plumbing is the main topic of conversation. In the world of SEO, we call this “targeted audience”.

So, organic traffic is not something that happens overnight. It takes hell of a long time and results appear anywhere from one month to a year. This depends on how much outside activity you involve yourself in. In other words, the more reference your site

Paid Traffic

Now that we know what organic traffic can mean and how valuable it can be to our website, let us now look into what “paid traffic” is all about. Paid traffic is precisely that, traffic that is paid for with money. The biggest difference is the time it takes to bring in the traffic. Paid traffic can be instantaneously produced.

The only factor that determines how much traffic gets to your site is based on the amount of money one spends for each visitor. The more money you set aside for paid traffic the more traffic you will undoubtedly get to your site.

Paid traffic can be very expensive and rightly so because of the very nature of how a business wants to receive instant customers. Mind you not every person that comes by your site will engage with your business. Statistics show that a very small percentage of visitors actually engage with a site for the purposes of making contact or buying a product or service.

What every business owner should understand is that most visitors will stay a visitor only. There are many factors involved in getting a visitor on-board and making them a customer. That is another topic for another time.

I bet some of you would be interested to know where this paid traffic originates. Paid traffic is something that is happening at that very moment. It is live and real. It is instantaneous and there is high potential to make a sale of some kind. Most paid traffic comes through other sites that have regular visitors looking for answers to their problems.

Let’s have a look at how paid traffic makes it way to your site.

For example, if I need a plumber to fix my leaking pipes at home, what can I personally do find a suitable plumber to come out and fix it for me in the quickest possible time, like right now. The answer is most obvious to a lot of us today. If I need to find a plumber then I have to search for one as quickly as possible. If you’re a Google person then you would fire up your browser and type “plumber” into Google. It’s that simple.

Just for the sake of keeping everything simple I will tell you that Google will display “ads” before it’s organic listing just like any other website who is engaged in providing ads to it’s visitors.

Google is one of thousands of sites (probably the largest company providing paid traffic service in the world) out there that provide paid traffic to it’s visitors. The ads on Google search engine are highly targeted and it’s algorithm (software code) ensures that it provides the correct ad to the right audience.

Google explicitly places ads in prominent positions on it’s search results. The ads that has been paid for are shown on top of the results, some along the right and a few at the bottom of the page. Where your ad appears depends highly on many factors. Namely the amount of money are prepared to pay for each click. It is sufficient to say that not all ads will receive visitors due to competition. The more you’re prepared to spend the greater your chance of receiving paid traffic to your site. Once again I must emphasise here that not all paid traffic will convert into a sale of some kind. Perhaps I will write more about the conversion of visitors to customers in a future article.

In the long run whether you’re building sign posts, leaving bate, hook and line back to your site is the really the same as running paid ads of some kind. There are many types of ads out there that one can go out and sign up for.

Example of paid traffic:

  • Google, Bing, & Yahoo Ads
  • Banner ads on other sites
  • Directory ads
  • Advertising your banner on any site is also considered a paid ad.

What strategy should you use to get traffic to your site?

It all depends on you capacity to spend and time. If you’re someone who has just started up a new business then you would be someone with a limited budget who needs to take a path where you don’t blow up your budget and thereby put your business into a cash poor period. I would suggest you do some more research on the costs involved in either strategy and find how each works. Both strategies require money, time and effort to function.

In the short run one would choose paid advertising if budget permits and on the long run have some budget that will build organic traffic well into the future. A combination of both of these strategies is used by businesses who are on a growth path.

The more you spend and the more careful you are with that spending will inevitably result in some business. Like anything in life, please do your research thoroughly before committing and depleting your business funds. We all love spending, but careless spending is a sure way to an early business suicide.

I hope you have gained something from this article. I would love to hear any of your feedback about this topic, please use the form below to leave your comments.

Beginners Guide to Connecting With Your Market and Potential Customers


Those who study and master their respective market are destined to conquer and prosper in whatever market they are targeting. Sole traders and small business startups should do proper research before embarking on committing to their business.

One simple mistake that small business operators make is that they put more emphasis on the technology or the technique of the business and thereby totally forget that it’s always about their customers.

A big chunk of the market research is knowing and understanding your ideal or near ideal customers. Strive to find who they are, where they are and what they do. Having such knowledge equips every business owner to better target their respective markets. The business operator can device a suitable sales and marketing strategy to get more customers on-board.

Connecting with and seeing through the eyes of your customers will give you insight into what their troubles are and what they need to overcome that trouble. This information and knowledge alone will give you ideas to propel you into the right direction in presenting your services and products as successfully as possible.

Learn to understand what your market is, where it is and tie whom it appeals to will give you fuel and understanding toward providing a better product and service. This then of-course leads one to prosper and grow in business.

5 Great Tips on SEO For Small Business Operators

Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO Tips and Information
Search Engine Optimization or seo is important for the individual starting an online website. Whether you intend to create a blog, run an on-line shop, have a business site or do anything else effectively on the internet, you should understand how internet search engines work and how your potential customers or visitors could locate you. So, you really should take time to learn SEO as part of your business or internet presence. It is a matter of succeeding online.

A crucial element of seo is that you have to put in effort and time on a regular basis in order to get website traffic. One should also strive to maintain at-least a constant flow of website traffic if not a growing one.

SEO Pointer # 1: No Magic Formula

There isn’t really a magical formula. It is rule one applies based on what and how search engines operate. Like any technology, seo is constantly on change and it calls one to remain current on SEO news. Dig deep to find info and read whatever you can. Being seen online is all about proper SEO.

SEO Pointer # 2: Clean and easy to get around site

Have your site created to be as easy as possible as far as your users are concerned. Make it easy for them to stay on your website with a clean user interface.

In other words, have it designed for your visitors and leave your own personal likes back in the draw. Internet business is all about people. You’re not the one who’se going to be sitting at the bosses chair. On the internet your visitor makes the decision at that moment whether to stay or leave. You’re no Amazon or EBay.com to dictate terms. You want to be pleasing your visitors. Amazona and Ebay spend millions to get their sites right on the ball for their visitors.

SEO Pointer # 3: Main market keywords and phrases

Determine exactly what your target keywords are. There are some great tools out there that can help you both totally free or for a little charge. Typically it’s relatively simple to figure this out on your own.

Ask yourself:

Exactly what are the top 10 keywords or phrases you would use if you were to look for the item or services you are offering? Make sure that those words are scattered on the relevant pages of your website, particularly in titles, headings and at the start, middle and end of each page. It’s a great idea to utilize variations also to give your site additional reliability.

SEO Pointer # 4: Strive to create perfect content

SEO Truth: Content is king. Always will be. Don’t assume that more is much better in regards to keywords. Do not come down with the temptation to just keyword stuff your website otherwise 2 things will occur. You’ll get banned by the search engines and even worse, you’ll be disregarded by the human beings who land on your page. Both types of visitors can see through desperate SEO attempts to deceive you to get them to your website.

Instead, you wish to target the fine line between having enough keyword relevance to make it difficult for the online search engine to disregard you but not so much that your human visitors discover your material to be poor quality. Hire an expert SEO short article author if you have to in order to come across as professional. Keep fresh content on your pages and change your content routinely. You don’t have to squander exactly what you’ve put effort and money into, rather move your old content into archives so it continues to work for you as well.

SEO Pointer # 5: Active Social Media Participation

Web 2.0 is all about social networking. Social networking, social book marking, forum publishing and link exchanges can be important. If you can get high ranking sites in your specific niche to exchange links with you, this can assist in your overall website ranking. If you are blogging, talk about other blog sites in your niche to get a link back to your website and generate interest from blog writers that visit other websites in your niche. If you utilize tools like Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon and other social book marking tools on your pages with suitable tagging, you can bring relevant traffic relatively quickly. Social networking activities are also indexed by the search engines.

Conclusion: Get on the search engines

In summary, these are fundamental strategies for SEO and guides can be used to get noticed by the main search engines. Your results will vary based on competition and how your content and site is structured. It’s never ever too late to optimize your site. Do not despair if you haven’t put these strategies to work for you. The first step is always to get your site indexed by the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why is Search Engine Optimization very important for your Internet based business?

Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne

Is search engine optimization necessary for your internet website? Many website owners are unaware of the importanace of Search Engine Optimisation and thus leave a junk of the pie for their competitors.

So, you desire to be on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other major search engine?

What is SEO in simple terms?

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the procedure in which we increase the position of a given website within various search engines. Straight forward right? Regretfully not! Search engine optimization isn’t for the faint hearted. It demands a superior level of professional expertise, making use of detailed techniques that results in your site getting a first page appearance on the search engine.

The idea behind SEO should be to result in a great deal of new visitors to your site. It’s a well planned method based on specific key words along with relevant search phrases depending upon the requirements of your business.

Organic Traffic not paid traffic

Regardless of whether your internet site is completely fresh or perhaps 10 years old, handling it the best way and how it tends to appear to major search engines is crucial to its success. The majority of internet sites receives approcimatetely 60% of its website visitors right from the search engine rankings, and in addition to that 40% of those visitors come via Google. these figure could vary a little based on the regional locations around the world.

Making sure that an organization’s website is positioned clearly in the search results is actually, for most part a challenge and requires expertise to tackle each site and it’s pages with precise technology. This is the main reason why search engine optimization (SEO) has become a multibillion-dollar industry.

80% of Online Searches

Roughly around eighty percent of all internet users find the thing that they are usually researching through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Youtube, Facebook etc. If someone is seeking a service or product which you offer over the internet, they won’t find your web site if it does not appear on one of the top three pages of the search engine for those keywords and phrases. The majority of users stop looking after web page three and get started with a totally new search.

Your Online Competition

The fact is there exists numerous competitors on-line selling and targeting more or less equivalent products and services which you have. So how in this world can you enter into the game and succeed?

It is actually a distressful to go through this but none the less it is a necessity toward business survival on the net. If you refuse to undertake SEO, your online site will never rank well anywhere significant in the search engines. Check your own personal internet search behavior. Just how many pages do you go tgrough and have a look at when you’re searching for a service? It’s fair to say that the majority of people normally do not proceed beyond page 3.

Tip: Local Businesses should imploy for their webpages

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is actually moderately straightforward, it just requires diligent writing of content material distinctive by having key terms which are relevant and connect to your business. Here’s a big advice for every one of you out there: When you have a regional company working with local customers then you need to add your locale in the key phrase, for instance, “Web Designers in Richmond” rather than simply “Web Designers”. You will have to administer the exact reasoning to your online business and webpage. Do the same task for every page and you should subsequently possess an optimised web-site. Just take note here and always make sure that you don’t make it to keyword rich (aim for 1- 3 %).

Over Optimisation

Over optimisation damages the quality of the document and in addition sends a signal to search engines like google that it’s a little spammy and could consequently red flag that specific net page or moreover the whole website. If this happens your site will lose it’s position and be bumped down the search results.

Search engine optimisation is extremely important to getting your internet-site clearly indexed and listed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Just putting a internet business anywhere on the world wide web seriously isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get website visitors.