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Your logo has to tell a story and as such it must be appealing and reflect your attitude, outlook, style, professional take on your business and so much other important factors.Having a site without graphics is like traveling down the road on a cold day with only a thin shirt on your back.  It is simply cold and colorless.

Building web-pages requires one to conceptualize the message with a graphic image.

On the other side of the scales, too much graphics on a page or one with the wrong use of colors can be overwhelming to the viewer and can end up pushing that visitor away from your site that basically translates into lost business.

The primary task of a website is to engage new and existing clients to do business with you. That is the basis of a website. If you’re in business then that should be the main purpose of your website.

Website images need to be creative and inviting to the visitor so that you can engage them with your message to connect with you.

Images are like a double ended razor blade where if you’re not careful enough you can cut yourself out of sales.

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