How to get more customers to your website using organic and/or paid traffic?

The Question is Traffic: organic and/or paid traffic?

organic and or paid traffic
Internet traffic, visitors, internet users are the bloodline of any business website. Without traffic of any kind you’re simply invisible to the world and your business won’t be a business unless you do something about it.

Getting traffic to your site is an industry in itself. As soon as you put up a website there’ll be many businesses who will try to introduce themselves and get your attention about this phenomena. These businesses will be coming to you from close and afar. Isn’t is funny that here you are trying to get traffic and the ones that notice you are the ones who you want last on your list. But, I write to say otherwise. If your business site is new to the internet then you must pay close attention to those people who offer services to get you more traffic.

Internet traffic comes in two forms when we talk about money. In reality there is only one form of traffic since you’re paying for both either in money or time. Anyway, the two forms that you will have noticed on the internet when it comes to talking about traffic is paid traffic and organic traffic.

Organic Traffic

So, what does it mean to get organic traffic to your website? Before we answer that question we need to know what is considered organic traffic. Organic traffic is simply traffic that makes it your way without you having to pay for it. Your sites URL or link is located wherever the traffic is coming from. At some stage your sites link is found on another site and people click that to come to your site. This is great and is perhaps what everybody wants more of.

Thus organic traffic is traffic that has made it’s way from another site or a direct link that one has.

Here’s a list of possible locations where organic traffic could have come from:

  • Search engine listing.
  • A link on another website also known as Referral Traffic.
  • From a Mail-out (an embedded link in an email).
  • Bookmark or Favourite on a browser (someone has made a bookmark in their browsers database).
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Traffic

Organic traffic is all good and has the usual bells and whistles of traffic. This is the ultimate in free traffic. However, organic traffic builds itself through the passage of time. One cannot get instantaneous organic traffic flowing when one puts up a new site.

The sister phrase for organic traffic is “activity outside your website”. In order to build organic traffic to a particular website one must engage on other websites and leave hooks and sign posts of one kind or another. In a way it is like “fishing with line and hook”. The more lines and hooks you have on the web/net the more likely you will bring in organic traffic.

But it doesn’t work as simple as that. Using the wrong type of “line and hook” does not always bring the best of fishes. In other words to attract the right audience you need to leave hooks and bate that is suitable for that audience. For example, if you’re into plumbing and want to attract people who are in need of plumbers that can fix their plumbing problem then it would be insane to go and talk about plumbing on a car mechanics site. No one is going to listen to you about your plumbing mumbo-jumbo.

Ever heard of the phrase “like attracts like”? It holds equally well for organic traffic. To attract people who are in need of a plumber then make sure to get involved in places where plumbing is the main topic of conversation. In the world of SEO, we call this “targeted audience”.

So, organic traffic is not something that happens overnight. It takes hell of a long time and results appear anywhere from one month to a year. This depends on how much outside activity you involve yourself in. In other words, the more reference your site

Paid Traffic

Now that we know what organic traffic can mean and how valuable it can be to our website, let us now look into what “paid traffic” is all about. Paid traffic is precisely that, traffic that is paid for with money. The biggest difference is the time it takes to bring in the traffic. Paid traffic can be instantaneously produced.

The only factor that determines how much traffic gets to your site is based on the amount of money one spends for each visitor. The more money you set aside for paid traffic the more traffic you will undoubtedly get to your site.

Paid traffic can be very expensive and rightly so because of the very nature of how a business wants to receive instant customers. Mind you not every person that comes by your site will engage with your business. Statistics show that a very small percentage of visitors actually engage with a site for the purposes of making contact or buying a product or service.

What every business owner should understand is that most visitors will stay a visitor only. There are many factors involved in getting a visitor on-board and making them a customer. That is another topic for another time.

I bet some of you would be interested to know where this paid traffic originates. Paid traffic is something that is happening at that very moment. It is live and real. It is instantaneous and there is high potential to make a sale of some kind. Most paid traffic comes through other sites that have regular visitors looking for answers to their problems.

Let’s have a look at how paid traffic makes it way to your site.

For example, if I need a plumber to fix my leaking pipes at home, what can I personally do find a suitable plumber to come out and fix it for me in the quickest possible time, like right now. The answer is most obvious to a lot of us today. If I need to find a plumber then I have to search for one as quickly as possible. If you’re a Google person then you would fire up your browser and type “plumber” into Google. It’s that simple.

Just for the sake of keeping everything simple I will tell you that Google will display “ads” before it’s organic listing just like any other website who is engaged in providing ads to it’s visitors.

Google is one of thousands of sites (probably the largest company providing paid traffic service in the world) out there that provide paid traffic to it’s visitors. The ads on Google search engine are highly targeted and it’s algorithm (software code) ensures that it provides the correct ad to the right audience.

Google explicitly places ads in prominent positions on it’s search results. The ads that has been paid for are shown on top of the results, some along the right and a few at the bottom of the page. Where your ad appears depends highly on many factors. Namely the amount of money are prepared to pay for each click. It is sufficient to say that not all ads will receive visitors due to competition. The more you’re prepared to spend the greater your chance of receiving paid traffic to your site. Once again I must emphasise here that not all paid traffic will convert into a sale of some kind. Perhaps I will write more about the conversion of visitors to customers in a future article.

In the long run whether you’re building sign posts, leaving bate, hook and line back to your site is the really the same as running paid ads of some kind. There are many types of ads out there that one can go out and sign up for.

Example of paid traffic:

  • Google, Bing, & Yahoo Ads
  • Banner ads on other sites
  • Directory ads
  • Advertising your banner on any site is also considered a paid ad.

What strategy should you use to get traffic to your site?

It all depends on you capacity to spend and time. If you’re someone who has just started up a new business then you would be someone with a limited budget who needs to take a path where you don’t blow up your budget and thereby put your business into a cash poor period. I would suggest you do some more research on the costs involved in either strategy and find how each works. Both strategies require money, time and effort to function.

In the short run one would choose paid advertising if budget permits and on the long run have some budget that will build organic traffic well into the future. A combination of both of these strategies is used by businesses who are on a growth path.

The more you spend and the more careful you are with that spending will inevitably result in some business. Like anything in life, please do your research thoroughly before committing and depleting your business funds. We all love spending, but careless spending is a sure way to an early business suicide.

I hope you have gained something from this article. I would love to hear any of your feedback about this topic, please use the form below to leave your comments.

The absolute minimum cost of a 10 page professional website for a small business

High Quality Websites In this article you will discover what it will cost your business to have a 10 page website if you decide to do the design and development yourself.

I will take you through the principle of having to build a fully functional website on your own. The concept of saving money is not new to us and we love to save money and as well as spend that money wisely. However, saving some money depends on the service or product you’re going to be dealing with.

The principles here are really aimed at small business owners who are in need to cut their business costs down to a minimum level as possible. But, such cost cutting can also play a negative role in ones business. It is not always a wise step if the appropriate investigation and analysis has been avoided to achieve cutting business costs at the expense of something else.

In terms of website design and development, generally cutting down on spending can be a loss in the long term. I have come across so many small business owners seeking the cheapest and the most affordable packages for their website design needs. Good gracious, they lack the understanding that cheap really means cheap in the website design world. Cheap web design means just that: you end up with a cheap website. Cheap websites don’t work!

On the other hand, cheap websites can play big roles for the small business owner’s business. A standard website with all the necessary parts built for dirt cheap can also work. However, in our opinion, if you’re not prepared to invest on your online presence then you might as well stop spending any money on your business and close shop.

The ultimate goal of any business should be to make sales and increase their business capacity. Lot of small business owners have a different impression of what a website needs to have and do. Our aim is to build a site for our clients that will help grow their business. Our web designs and SEO work’s prime objective are to bring in new or existing customers so that it continues to sustain operations. Having a business site that is aimed at increasing your sales is the definitive way to operating a business.

What is the absolute minimum cost for a 10 page website going to cost you? Prepare to pay at-least $250 For each well defined and Search Engine Optimised page. Paying anything less will result in a poorly and unsuccessful website. If you’re serious then no problems, it is still cheaper than your Yellow Pages ad that receives nearly zero real business calls per year.

The truth of the matter is really not about getting a website. It is more about the content of your site and how everything on it is written and placed to target a specific market. It needs to be focused toward your products by exactly matching the needs of your customers.

The most important aspect of a business website is not the design or the website itself. It is not the fancy looking graphics and neither is it the bells and whistles. It is simply the “copy”.

If you’re looking for a professional who will create a website that will target your audience, write high relevant and high quality content, that is search engine friendly and as well as highly usable and user friendly, then give us a call and we’ll start working on your dreams! If you mention this article you qualify for 10% discount on overall project costs (Valid until Dec 1st 2016).

High Quality Web Design

Top 4 Annoying Website Attributes to Stay Away From : Part 2

Top 4 Annoying Website Attributes Part 2

 Annoying Website Attributes

This is the second part of our Top 4 Annoying Webpage Attributes.
The first part is here.

It is understandable and correct to say that each person has a different opinion towards websites. It is also ok to hate what I would consider a great looking page. The fact is that we cannot please everyone. Each person has aunique perspective. But what is interesting is that there are some pages our there that have annoying attributes no matter how good the content is.

Website designers and developers try their best to figure out how best to present a site to their audience. Here at Expert Web Media our main thought on designing pages is to make it easy for the visitor, to read, to navigate and get the information as easily as possible. A winning page is be that matches the page to the visitors expectations. High converting pages are those that do this remarkably well.

Let’s jump right into the 3rd and 4th most annoying webpage attributes that we have grouped into this article.

3rd Most Annoying webpage attribute: Links Opening To New Tabs or Windows

I personally don’t like this behavour that is programmed into a webpage. Sites that open up new pages are those that are not only opening a new tab but also multiplying the amount of processor utlisation. Two tabs equals twice the amount of cpu cycles needed to serve those pages.

Generally, a vistor expects links to open into the same tab unless indicated with a sign that the link opens to a new window or tab.

Why do some sites do this is another matter. But, we know that on countless situations, these pages that open to new tabs is one way of delaying the vistor from leaving that site.

You may ask: Why do EWM hate these types of pages? Over the years oeprating systems have become so bloated that this disease has also spread to internet webpages. The bloat is perhaps the biggest reason why we hate sites that open into new tabs.

On every page that you visit nowadays, expect to find html, CSS, javascripts and images that get downloaded to your computer. The browser has to read these files and assemble these into the programmed state of the page. What is cruel is when websites go beyond the norm and add more than what the average computer can handle.

My friend, the internet is run by advertising. Advertising has shifted from the TV and offline newspapers and onto the internet. Unfortunately, there is a high burden and overheads that come with pages that have attached advertising.

But, you can eliminate these advertisers simply by installing ads buster plugins or addons for your internet browser.

4th Most Annoying webpage attribute: Annoying Flash Navigation and Design

no annoying flashEver since the web was created, I knew this technology “Flash” was bad news. Flash is great to use if you’re going to present something with lot more that HTML and CSS, but the buck stops there. Your home page does not need to have flash. Flash will load a lot slower than conventional web pages.

It is very annoying to see an hour glass in the 21st century even with a fiber-optic connection to the net. These website owners are behind the times and truly need to upgrade their use of technology. Simple webpages are lot more user friendly then flash designed ones. People are after information and flash just plainly interferes with that process.

If somebody offers to design a website in Flash then run the other direction. You know why? Flash designed sites lack Search Engine Optimisation technologies. Search engines are unable to break down the inherent code behind the page. Besides, search engines like Google serve sites that are responsive and load quickly. Unfortunerely, these kinds of webpages don’t rank well on search engines.

I must admit, I am an anti-flash web developer and wouldn’t go near it to design webpages with it any more. Flash is dying technolgy and is really not used to develop general web pages.

There are many websites on the net, and if one doesn’t provide you the answers another will. So, you have a choice between sites you visit. Every site is a click away from a search engine.

Most of these kinds of annoyances can be handled through plugins or your browser settings. Perhaps my most hated sites that annoy me the most would be the small text. Yes, yes, I can use Control + Mouse wheel to adjust the size of the text and I do use it often on a lot of sites. But, it is an annoying to do this everytime.

There is a solution for nearly everything. It is matter of self-educating by searching for the answer.

ps: with 45 tabs open, my Firefox is using 2GB of memory. If your browser becomes sluggish then it is best close the tabs that you don’t need and restart the browser. You also need to tell your browser to remember the session upon restart.

You may also want to read the most powerful Firefox Browser addons that can prevent cpu overuse.

Hope you enjoyed reading the 2 series of the most annoying webpage attributes we’ve presented.

Top 4 Annoying Website Attributes to Stay Away From : Part 1

Top 2 Annoying Website Attributes Part 1

 Annoying Website Attributes

Everybody has a different taste when it comes to how websites should look and feel. I will presented a few of those attributes most website designers should shy away from when designing pages.

Here is a glance as to what you will find here:

  • Annoying Background Music
  • Small Tiny Weeny Text
  • All Links Opening To New Tabs or Windows
  • Annoying Flash Menu System

Annoying Background Music

000802_c278_0007_cslsPerhaps this is my worst nightmare for websites that start blaring away with music or auto start videos. Nothing is more distracting than the sound a webpage makes without warning in a world of information overload.

You’re in an office environment or browsing on your computer or phone in a quite library and out of the blue one of thess pesky websites catches you breaking the silence. All heads turn toward your direction and there is big red invincible arrow pointing above you to you. How embarrassing would that feel if you care for the well being of others?

What is even worse then the sound auto-playing is the inability to detect where the sound is coming from. The average modern browser can have multiple tabs open at the same time and it makes this one of those tasks that throws one off-guard.

It is always best design practice to leave the control of these videos or sounds to the visitors discretion. Yes, the owners of the sites have every right to auto playing anything on their sites but frankly, it is annoying none-the-less. These sites lack the ability to build rapport with their visitors.

How to shut them up!

Most modern browsers have plugins that allows functionality to be installed to auto-stop web pages which have auto play videos or sound. If the site owners think that they have every right to intrude on your privacy then you have every right to control that intrusion, give them the plugin to shut them up!

Small Tiny Weeny Text

Top Annoying Website Attributes Is it a brainless design to fit every word into and above the fold? If a site is interesting enough the visitor will stay and read on. Why would you cram everything you have to say into tiny bits and force your visitor to read it?

I’ll give you one plugin that comes very handy for this kind of attack! Yep, I see these tiny weeny text as an attack and likewise I fight back like a Samurai warrior, slicing the page with my one power mouse. My mouse is the most powerful item on my computer second to my Alt-F4 or Alt-w. Alt-w or F4 needs the other hand to be placed near the keyboard.

I demonstrated this technique to my son on how to chop up a page that is irritating or doesn’t go away. I hold down the right mouse button and draw a quick “L” and then let go. At that very moment the page is gone. I advice you to install this plugin which helps one to quickly close pages in a quick succession.

If you’re using Firefox, the add-on I am referring to here is: Fire Gestures (opens in new tab). This is perhaps one of the best power add-ons that I use on the Firefox browser. It saves me a lot of work and time.

I will share my favourite Firefox Internet Browser Plugins of chose in my next blog post that makes my life and web browsing that much better.

The following 3rd and 4th annoying attributes will be shared in a future post. This post is long enough as it is.

  • All Links Opening To New Tabs or Windows
  • Annoying Flash Menu System

Thanks for staying on and reading the annoying Website Attributes.
I would love to hear your comments and any annoying website attributes that you’ve come across.

The Importance of Creating Outstanding Website Content that Ranks High in Search Engines

SEO Copywriting

A lot of factors and a great amount of work goes into creating outstanding website content. It is content that stands to shine if it’s any good or destroys your reputation and authority in one blow if it doesn’t meet users expectations.

Content comes in many shapes and forms. Depending on your goals, it must have the essential attributes in place before it can do any good service.

When you have completed your extensive research, that involves learning the target market, the keyword analysis, the selection of headline scripts, and so many other requirements and factors then only then can you sit down and process that information and create your creative masterpiece.

Market Research
If you’ve done your homework then this type of creative content writing not only pleases your immediate audience but also future visitors who may find it highly useful.

Creating high value content goes a long way in making sales for your business. High value content is noticed by everyone who lands on it. People love reading it, people love sharing it and search engines rank valuable content that people love.


I’ve seen good content last the passage of time. Content that is worth reading today is worth reading tomorrow. Create your content as best as you can and, your business will love it. Search engines reward it by listing your content high in their search results.

Good Site Content

Creative Services

  • Good content is useful content that is sought out by your market audience.
  • It draws the reader,
  • resonates with their feelings,
  • provides guidance to their problems
  • and points to a solution that you’ve provided.


That is how the magic of outstanding content works! Let us know how you feel about good content.

Did you backup your website before you updated your WordPress and plugins?

Help, I broke my site when I updated the software and plugins

So you’ve updated your server main software (WordPress) and gracefully initiated bulk update of your plugins and you’ve killed your website.

Your site is offline and doesn’t work anymore!

To make matters worse, if you was like us in the past, you were slack and didn’t bother to backup your site(s).

What on earth are you going to do now?

I see the dollars rushing out the door… Oh, and you don’t have anyone on your list to call for backup administrative work.

Relax buddy! We’ve done that, been there too.

I will show you how to get back on track for cheap and fix your WordPress problems.

No matter how detrimental it may look there is always a way out of situations like this. I know how it must feel for a website or a business owner to open their website and find a screen with funny characters or even a blank screen. Even, if you’ve been hacked you still better of creating regular backups. How?

You see, anyone who is using WordPress as the engine to run their websites are smart and ahead of the rest of the pack. I’m not kidding. WordPress offers you the best for your investment. WordPress support and solutions are quick to get to. Even if your site is hacked and needs to be restored can be much more easily now then ever before.

Safe guarding your hosting sites

If people used safe guarding tactics for their sites then there would be less hacking. Most hacking is via a slack hosting provider who has no idea how to protect it’s assets or a website owner who happens to use easy passwords that can be broken.

In all the years of operating 50+ sites over the last 10 years, I’ve only had one site that was broken into and that was via the slack hosting provider who did not provide sufficient safe guards to deter hacking. A bit of wisdom: Choose your hosting provider wisely! Cheap hosting is simply cheap hosting. Be aware, you have been warned.

Internet: Ridiculously Crazy Pace

We are in a technology age where things move quite fast and ridiculously crazy pace for web applications. When updates their WordPress engine we are notified of a great number of sites that need to be updated. Imagine the amount of work required to logon to each WordPress site and manually update the main software and any plugins that may have been installed.

In the past over in the WordPress camp their updates were seldom and were about 3 to 4 times per year. Time warp to the present we are inundated with a monthly update ritual. As web developers and designers we are just getting a tad uncomfortable with the huge number of emails appearing in our main mailbox trying to get our attention.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re thinking, gosh, WordPress must have so many bugs. Well, that may be true on the one hand but look at it on the other hand and you’re getting a state of the art product that is regularly been worked on and made to shine.

Updating your site on a regular basis

Getting back to the main issue of backups. When was your last backup made of your site? If you’re not updating your site on a regular basis, like, once per week then you really need only to make backups ones per week at most. This also depends on the what part of your site you’re working on.

If on the other hand, you’re updating the functionality of the site then you need to make an immediate backup. Anyway, if you break your site and it’s no longer working then you have two options to work with. Call someone in to fix the problem or do the work yourself. Obviously, if your business lacks the expertise to recover your site then you can only go with option one and call someone in to fix the problem. But, I am here to tell you that it should not cost you an arm or a leg if you call someone to fix the problem. Call us and we’ll restore your WordPress site to its original or working state.

What you should have done all along, even if you call someone to fix the problem is to have a backup of your site. The backup should be made on a consistent basis even if you don’t anticipate any immediate problems.

Manual Backup: cPanel

Alternatively, you can logon to your cPanel and initiate a manual site backup/download, and that’s fine too. It only become cumbersome, and you need to remember the steps and follow it precisely. I find it an issue to do manual backups. So, I prefer to click the application link and launch it on my desktop. Select the sites to backup and then click the “GO” button. I would leave it running in the background to do its job. The speed of download is dependent on your internet connection and the download speed of your hosting provider. Whichever is the slower is the maximum speed of which you can download the backup.

Backup Smart: a cPanel Backup Solution

Auto cPanel Backup
We want to share a tool that we have found very useful for this purpose.

Smart Backup a cPanel Backup Software will allow you to make consistent backups of your cPanel hosted website.

You don’t need any technical expertise other than to set it up and run it once per week or month or whenever the need to arises. It is quite easy to set it up. I personally backup my sites once per month with this backup tool for cPanel hosted websites.

Read more here about here:

cPanel Backup Support

If you decide to buy this software through this link and come across issues of setting it up then by all means fill-out your details on our contact form and submit a support request with your details and we’ll help you to set it up. Cheers!