Small Business Web Design Melbourne for Startups and Sole Traders.

SEO Services for Small Businesses

Website Design

We excel in Small Business Web Design Melbourne. As Experts in Web Technologies, we work with you to get your message out to your industry. Every web design project is customised, carefully planned, designed and built. We create websites that are User-Friendly, Easy To Use and Search Engine Optimised that match your business needs. We work to make an Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses.

eCommerce Websites

eCommerce Websites has provided many opportunities for small businesses and sole traders alike to easily compete with larger competitors. If you are looking to expand your business, an online eCommerce store can be a very good investment to build and grow your business. We work together with you to Design and to Develop the ideal eCommerce Website to sell your products and services.

Web Development

Web Development is the process of getting it built right. We provide a wide range of good business website design solutions by careful construction of quality business websites for today's challenging online market. Call on Expert Web Media to help you with with your web development project today.

What We Truly Do & Achieve

  • Produce Creative Results for Small Business Websites.
  • Create Functional Websites for Businesses.
  • Create Persuasive Business Sites.
  • We Keep Your Target Market in View.
  • Address User Needs by Providing High Quality Information to your visitors.
  • We Design & Develop a Proper Plan to Follow and Execute.
  • Produce Visually Appealing Small Business Websites.
  • Design Professional and High Quality Websites for Small Businesses.
  • Design & Develop Web Pages and Websites that are Effective at Conversions for Your Business.
  • Creating Business Websites That Have Meaning and Direction.
  • Creating Business Websites That are Appealing To The Market.
  • Provide Your Visitors What They Need and Help Them to Contact You for More.
  • Produce User Friendly Business Websites at affordable rates.

A Melbourne Web Design Agency

Until you actually step up and take action and follow the steps, you will never see results.


  • Complete Business Website Design and Development (Register, Design, Build, Host and Deploy).
  • Business Website Re-design, includes a fresh new look and On-Page SEO.
  • Professional Business Hosting (on Australia & US Web Servers).
  • We provide Site Maintenance and Support.
  • Logo and Graphic Design Services.
  • On-site/Off-Site SEO for small businesses at affordable rates.
  • Setup your Pay Per Click Campaigns.
  • Article Marketing Services for Small Businesses.
  • Business Domain Name Research and Registration Service.
  • Repair broken pages on Business websites.
  • Professionally designed and developed business websites.
  • Fully functional and user-friendly website design.
  • Full copy writing service with related content rich pages.
  • SEO pages to target your market & customers.
  • Prominent website contact forms for clients to contact you directly!
  • Social media integration with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and others.
  • Get our business tips and guides to operating your online business.
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Small Business Home Page Design

  Your very business branding is highlighted on your websites home page. It is perhaps the most vital page on your whole website. That is why small business web design is crucial for a growing small business.

Getting the home page right is where we do most of our work. It needs to be neat and tidy yet informative. Fresh but competitive. Intelligently put together and worthy of a read. Every small business web design is taken seriously and created with care.

A well crafted homepage will highlight your small business, services and products. Your content needs to be free of any grammatical errors. It needs to be real, persuasive and helpful at the same time.

It should not be pushing to sell but to convert visitors into potential customers. Initiate a warm welcome and make a two way connection.  Give the visitor what they need most. Create a page that invites the visitor to want to talk with your organisation. Provide fantastic information that is both educational and solves a problem for them.

responsive web desgin

The web has gone through many transitions and there is no place for a site that is not responsive any more. That is why we design and build responsive web sites for small businesses. Responsive web design should be the first thing on your mind since half the visitors tend to land on your site using a hand held smart device.

A business website should be responsive design that works and adjusts itself on most devices from smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops with large screens. There is no excuse not to do this. If you have a website and it is not responsive then get in touch with us to convert your site into responsive web design.

We all want the best on our site. The home page needs to load fast. The visitor has high expectancy and low tolerance for pages that take long time to load. 

Perhaps, it should have elements that should not display for small screens. Small devices sometimes need less and less is better in a lot of cases. We found that replacing a whole lot of text with a nice image in it’s place can convey the message much better and faster. This is what an expert web designers and developers can do to send the right message across.

It all means that your web designer and web developer needs to intelligently optimise all images, videos, page scripts to load fast without compromising on quality and information. They also need to break the page into sections and highlight each area so that the visitor gets the overall message just from the headings alone. Today’s internet visitors tend to scan first then read the page. If your page holds to their expectation then they will slow down and dive in to take a closer look at what you’re providing.

Finally, apart from looking good and having great content, your next job is to be search engine friendly. Your webpage coding behind the page needs to talk with the search engine bots that come around to see what you’re offering and what information you have for your audience.

Your biggest job is to make sure the web page has a tonne of content to please the search engines without overwhelming your visitors.  If your page is nicely put together for the user first then your search engine friendly coding should work together to provide what the search engine bots need from your webpage.  Small business web design is probably one area where you need to let the professionals do their work.

Every page that needs to compete on search engines needs to have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO will rank your small business website better on search engines and send you more organic traffic. 

Web DesignAt the end of the day your homepage is ready. It has gone through all the design iterations, updates,  changes and finally gone active on the web.

There is a delicate balance on a web page that web page builders do. Each webpage needs to be written and executed as precisely as possible. Web designers, web developers, copywriters and SEO experts roles are to bring this out.

Get your brand on the web by a trained and experienced small business web designers and developers.  A web agency is experienced enough to handle all types of business web requirements. A good agency can build a business website to compete at an advantage in your chosen industry.

Australian Web Design company

Affordable Business Websites

  • We put your Business Website Online
  • Professionally Designed Sites
  • Web Server Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Promoting Small Business Websites
  • Internet Marketing
  • Graphic and Logo Design
  • Site maintenance
  • SEO
  • 24/7 E-mail Support
  • Made & Produced in Australia

Business Design Packages

  • Unique Website Design for Small Business
  • Your Logo On Header
  • Domain Name Registration (.com or
  • Local Hosting
  • Submission to Major Search engines
  • Product Slide Show
  • Onsite SEO
  • Content Management System
  • Email account Setup
  • Friendly People
  • Great Tech Support

Quality Hosting

  • Local Hosting (Australia Servers)
  • Standard 10 GB/Monthly Traffic
  • CPanel Admin Control
  • MySQL Database
  • Spam Protection
  • Stats Software
  • Professional Hosting
  • Fully Maintained Servers

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