Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines. (It is a simple sentence with a lot of work needed to accomplish it.)Optimizing a site for Search Engines is one of the primary goals of SEO.

SEO professionals consider many things to make it work correctly and be effective:


  • How do search engines work.
  • What do people search for on search engines.
  • The actual search terms typed into search engines.
  • Which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.

In a nutshell optimizing a website involves these top attributes:

  • Editing its content, the HTML code and other associated coding.
  • Proper use of keywords within the document.
  • Using main keyword categories with the header tags.
  • Inclusion of “like keywords” with paragraphs throughout the document.
  • Paying attention to links and entries in the document footer.
  • Plus several other behind the page optimization work.

Other activities outside web-page optimization requires:

  • Promoting a Site or a particular page.
  • Increasing the number of backlinks, or inbound links to your site or page.
  • Selecting and working with quality back-links rather than just any back link.
  • Take into consideration not to “spam your own site” using excessive back links in a short time.

The art of SEO is quite involved in one hand and yet straight forward science that requires careful planning and execution. It is always changing and the big search engines have a big say on how the show runs.

Intro to how we do SEO.

We will try to explain how ranking in search engines work and what we can do to rank on first page or near there. After that I will list the basic costs involved to establish new Search Engine Optimised Pages.

For this example we’ll take the Mowing Industry and more specifically the Landscaping sector to portray the information as clearly as possible.

We know that the the Landscaping industry is a competitive one but one that can be very lucrative. There are lot’s of big franchises trying to rank on first page for this industry.

But, first we’ll need to know how individual pages rank in search engines.

Let’s say I purchased a house and that I want my front yard to be fixed and looked after. I need landscaping to be done on my front yard. So, in an era where a computer or a mobile device is at hand allows me to search for landscapers in my area with my favourite search engine. Every person in each suburb will get a different and specific search results from the search engine for terms like “Landscaping Services”.

Google will give me the most relevant pages related with the highest ranking and highest quality page for this phrase for someone located in Mulgrave relevant to Mulgrave..

Based on this information we create a page specific to Mulgrave and Landscaping Services in that area. Our page will tell the search engine exactly what we do and what services or products we have for that area.

Google, Yahoo and Bing use different ways to adjust who gets to be shown on 1st page. Every page has keyphrases that it tries to match the user search phrases to.
So, the following is what we need to do to rank in Google for people searching for Landscaping Services in Mulgrave:

The page must talk or mention these main key-phrases:

  • Landscaping,
  • Landscaping Services,
  • Landscaping Mulgrave,
  • Landscape prices Mulgrave,
  • Mulgrave Landscaping Services
  • Landscaping Services “post code”
  • Landscapers Mulgrave
  • Mulgrave Landscaper
  • and other related terms about Landscaping. (Front Yard Landscaping, backyard Landscaping, Sloping Driveway Landscaping etc).

You see there is a lot of work. Not as easy as one would think. It’s a technology and it’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

We do the research and find the best search terms for Landscaping for that local area.
We put in images (photos), prices, Lots of text and make it look attractive and fresh. These pages are similar to a home page and are as powerful but more specific to the key-phrase in question.

Basic Costs for this kind of SEO Work

Each company has their own prices for this kind of work. I think most are misleading and try to get as much as possible for their little work.

We do it a different way and do a concrete job out of what we say. Our honesty and real work just works greatly in the long run.

Expected Results & Guarantee

This work will increase your site’s overall ranking within time (perhaps as early as a few weeks to 6 months). You will see not only these pages getting good ranking but the other existing ones too.

We must indicate here that there is no guarantee for this kind of work on the internet. As a matter of fact there is no guarantee your site will appear in any search engine or on their top pages.

But we can also say that with hard work and honesty, we give the search engines high quality pages so that they will rank it higher in the search engine results.

All results are dependent on many factors and more so on competition for that key-phrase. Higher competition requires more backlinks, more pages, more quality content and so forth.

Tips For Businesses who wants to stay in their respective businesses.

If you plan on staying in that industry (e.g. Gardening) for a long time (many years) then it is best to do this on a regular basis. Major search engines and others like to see fresh content on your websites. Websites with fresh content tend to be indexed higher in search results. This gives a signal to the search engine that indeed your site is fresh and provides high quality value to the visitor.

We recommend a business has a means where new pages or information is shared on their sites on a daily basic or at-least few articles per week or month as a minimum.

Your investment is part of your ongoing business advertising. Any amount of information shared with the world is sure to bring in more business. People like to read high quality information. Just take a look at your letterbox advertisers. They are constantly telling you about their products. Well, this is exactly what we are doing but in a different way. The organic way.

Call us to discuss how we can improve your Search Engine Optimisation and increase the quality of your site.