Budget Web Design For Small Business

Budget web design and professionally designed and built small business websites are absolutely the best path to take to minimize downtime in your business processes. Small business web design is an ideal choice for small to medium sized businesses who are on a budget.

Budget Web Design

Budget Web Design For Limited Budgets

But, the only thing that would concern us would be the quality of the work you’ll get for the price you pay. You should be aware that you will not get the same quality of work for budget web design as you would get for those who have invested more. The more you pay the more you get. Just don’t be disappointed if your site does not perform as good  as your competitors who’ve put more toward investing in their websites.

Budget web design for small businesses tend to be small and cost effective containing the same benefits as larger derivative sites. We love providing high quality copy with the web-pages we create regardless of the pricing structure. Yes, we also provide high quality copy-writing services.

Funding is important for all small businesses who need a budget web design. Having no funds are undesirable. Working with a limited budget is a step in the right direction. So if you have access to a reasonably limited budget then this method of budget web page design for small businesses is an ideal choice. You can always grow your site after having a budget web design with more funding. Our budget web design for small businesses provides the capability to add more pages and images to your site in the future. It is accomplished by the site’s content management system.

Who can benefit from a budget web design package?

Just about any small business should be thinking of taking this path as a minimum.


High Quality Web Design

It’s always about shopping. Sometimes you will land a site that offers great rates for small budgets. We love to help small businesses in getting established on the web. The quicker they go online the faster you can go into doing business.

Website Hosting for Budget Web Design

We’ve got you covered. Just call us for our attractive price-list. When we host a business website we try to get hosting on local hosting servers for faster web page response.

Never ever host a business website on a free hosting web server. Although it may be exciting and save a few bucks here and there, in the long run, the savings of a few bucks can be a loss of thousands and thousands of potential revenue lost due to poor quality and slow hosting that serve so many others in similar situation.

Crowded hosting is a bad sign and you should be aware of such things. Free website hosting can damage your business growth and sometimes put you out of business.

budget web design and Hosting

It will be unwise to host your business website on top of a free hosting such as blogger.com, weebly.com or other free hosting services available on the web. Those particular internet pages are fantastic for complementing your principal internet business. However, it is not a wise choice or business correct to run a professional website from sub-domains and website located outside your region.

The Perceived Value of Your Website with respect to URLs

The perception you put out in such free hosting services is basically one of low quality service. These sites are more for informational purposes and really do not allow you to have a real business image. It is suitable for hobbyist or for entertainment purposes. You will not be able to grow your business in such URL.  You are basically locked into that system and location for life.

Where is your Website Located?

If you’re serving customers in your local town or city then make sure your hosting company has servers that have IP allocated in that region. You should never have a hosting server in another country if you’re serving client in your locality or city.

People would not want to do business with a web business URL like on http://plumbingmelbourne.weebly.com/. It just does not add up to a professional service.

These website addresses the lack true URLs to reflect you and your business. You’re actually making free services become even bigger. We don’t know why a serious business owner would consider these hosting companies. One would prefer to visit a website like http://plumbingmelbourne.com.au/ to call a plumber.

Business Community

This type of site will not indexed near the top of local search results on Search Engines. You see these free hosting servers are geographically located outside your region. For example, our website hosting is physically located in Melbourne, Australia. We will not host our website on a server in the US or Europe or Singapore. It would not be intelligent and search engine wise. This website has a server in Melbourne with IP’s allocated to this region. It’s purpose is to serve local businesses in Melbourne and around Australia.

Each website is allocated an IP address (usually shared by many websites – the server takes care in addressing this issue) and that IP is geographically allocated. Website IPs are used during indexing and search engines can locate where the website is physically located.  This allows search engines to provide more local sites instead of websites in other regions around the world.

Small Business E-mail Address with budget web design

Similar concept and idea applies to using free email addresses as it would be if compared to your own domain name email setup. Having a professional website along with a professional looking email address is always better and an attractive solution to setting up proper business on the web.

Having your own domain name email address would n’t put you back that much.  It is only a tiny addition to overall cost of establishing your online business presence. Generally small business web design packages include this service within the service. Wouldn’t it better to have and email address such as Michael @ plumbingmelbourne.com.au to contact your potential clients?
Email and competition
Repeatedly, we find a lot of organizations risking their business reputation by using a free email addresses provided by email services companies like Hotmail, Google, Yahoo and even their own internet service provider’s email address. It doesn’t come across professional. Don’t be afraid to spend a few more dollars to get your professional email address setup.

cPanel Hosting and Webmail

Most cPanel hosting come with Webmail to easily setup and get your professional messages to and from customers.

There are other huge benefits to these email addresses. It will have a positive impact when combined with hosting, business card and other business material. This will always increase potential new client numbers.

Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail and others like these who other free email services seem to be convenient. However, they are not ideal for online business contact information or dealing with potential customers. Small businesses should steer away from FREE email services. They are a potential trap that will cost you dearly in lost business.

Get your domain name that tells people about your business and use the domains email attributes to drive new clients in a professional manner. With a budget web design for small business package you can look professional and increase your customer base. Any new or potential clients will perceive a professional company behind the name. There is nothing to loose and everything to gain using this kind of web site design system along with email setup.

Is this Smart Financial investment?

Absolutely! This is the greatest investment you could ever do on an online presence for your small business venture. Generally this type of web site design puts you back by some dollars per day at the most with us. If you want a cheap web design services with high quality content then get in touch with us.

We also don’t understand why some business owners try to do things themselves. It would be silly if you’re a plumber who is going to spend months and months getting your site to perfection. That is lost time that could have been better utilised to look for more clients. Spend your time and money wisely. Get a professional person to do your site and have it done within a few weeks so that you can concentrate on building your business instead of housekeeping it.

Budget Web Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) together?

budget web design Melbourne & Search Engine Optimisation

Professional website designers do more than just design and build the look and feel of the site. We do the unseen sections that no body except us and the search engines know about. Almost all small business owners have no clue as to how this system works. Sure, you can get on Wix or Weebly and click to create some interlinking pages. Do you think the job is finished there? No, the real part of small business professional web design is non-visual. It is the part that grows your business. It is the part that communicates to all the search engines.

If I haven’t convinced you that you need a site for your small business or company through a professional web designer and developer then please go over to http://weebly.com or http://www.wix.com and spend a month or two to have a site for free at the expense of lost business.

We at Expert Web Media hope you have gained new knowledge about having your very own business website designed and developed by a professional design company. Expert Web Media is an Internet Site Design and Development Business Organization that offers Small Business Web Design Solutions at affordable prices. We operate from Melbourne, Australia and also work with clients and customers world-wide. Connect with us and let us build you your budget web design site that will work for you to grow your business.

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